Maximize your tennis potential.

Frank provides customized workshops based on the audience (coaches, players, parents) and their needs. His Mental Emotional Workshops were introduced in 2002; since then, participants in the program have gone on to win more than 71 U.S. national titles. His students have won ATP and WTA Tour singles and doubles titles. His Tennis Parents Workshops have been changing lives since 1998 with seminars throughout the United States, Mexico, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, and Canada. Frank’s ‘Raising Athletic Royalty’ Workshop is approved and recommended by the USPTA as a specialty course. His workshops take place both on and off-court. Topics include…

  • Navigating your entourage
  • Identifying brain & body types
  • Organizing game plans
  • Customized match day preparation
  • Opponent profiling
  • Developing secondary strokes
  • Between point/change-over rituals
  • Handling gamesmanship & hardships
  • Organizing a weekly planner
  • Developing & rehearsing “Top 7 Patterns”
  • Tactics vs. styles of play
  • Tennis Parent Education
  • Tennis parent requirements & qualifications
  • Identifying parental personalities
  • The top 20 tennis parent blunders
  • Tennis parent pre-match, match time & post match job descriptions
  • Parental sabotage
  • The Art of Winning
  • The difference between mental & emotional components
  • Deliberate customized practice/warm-ups
  • Case study: practice in the manner you are expected to perform
  • Designing “Top 7 Patterns”
  • Identifying the opponent’s “Top 7 Patterns”
  • Match play video analysis
  • How to Attract a College Tennis Scholarship
  • What are top college tennis coaches looking for?
  • How to make a tennis YouTube video
  • Writing an appealing cover letter
  • Writing an athletic/academic resume
  • The most important questions to ask on recruiting trips

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