The Tennis Parent’s Bible




The Tennis Parent’s Bible will assist player, parent and coach in maximizing tennis potential at the quickest rate, regardless of the stage of development. The Tennis Parent’s Bible opens the door to hundreds of hours of player specific instruction, while saving thousands of dollars, time and anguish.

Tennis teaching professionals, academy directors, college coaches and/or high school coaches who have kept current with behavioral sports science will find this book an excellent reference. For tennis industry individuals who have yet to incorporate organizational or behavioral science into their teaching, this book will provide a wealth of new insights into teaching strategies. For parents of beginning recreational players to advanced tournament players, this book will prove an invaluable developmental tennis guide. For those parents currently in the trenches of junior competition this book will help critique, reevaluate and direct their child’s tennis team.

Due to the ever increasing demands of tennis and the evolutionary state of the game, parents must be more involved and informed. The competition is bigger, faster and stronger. Around the globe, the competition is training more efficiently. The days of raising a talented athlete while being a passive parent are long gone. The Tennis Parent’s Bible is essential reading for those interested in developing confident, self-reliant and accomplished children.

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