What The Industry Leaders Are Saying…


“A must read for anyone interested in a child’s success.”

                 -Jon Wertheim, Executive Editor Sports Illustrated

“To enjoy your peak performance level it takes more than technical skill. A performer needs emotional aptitude.            This book shows you how to rock under pressure.”

                 -James Valentine, Guitarist/Songwriter, Maroon 5

“Frank Giampaolo is the best natural-born, intuitive psychologist I know. His understanding of competitive                    environments is excellent and his focus on emotional aptitude is much needed. This book is filled with deep                  insights and solutions to assist athletes to thrive under game day pressure.”

                 -Clinton W. McLemore, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Author of Inspiring Trust:
Strategies for Effective Leadership

Frank Giampaolo has done it again. His newest publication, ‘Raising Athletic Royalty’, literally takes us through the alphabet. His real life references to each such letter provide a nice touch that is extremely relevant to the development and handling of young athletes. Nothing is more mysterious nor potentially frustrating than the journey of raising or guiding a young person with athletic potential!   The actions of the coach, or even more often the parent, can have a serious and even tragic effect on this developmental process. How often – in spite of good intentions – we say or do things that cause the athlete to ‘run away’ from challenges! Frank’s collection of ‘words of wisdom’ and quotes of well known sayings are augmented by concrete examples of young athletes in many sports who have been helped by adjustments to handling the process of ‘expectations’. This is a priceless work which will help any parent or coach communicate more effectively with the athlete. In summary, Frank has nailed it – this is a ‘must read’!

– Dick Gould, Hall of fame – Most Winningest Tennis Coach in NCAA History, on Raising Athletic Royalty

Frank Giampaolo did a great job as one of our featured speakers at our USPTA Mid Atlantic Annual Convention… I can definitely say that I would recommend Frank Giampaolo to any of our USPTA divisions who are looking for quality speakers. Additionally, Frank’s knowledge of tennis and connecting with tennis pros was extremely valuable to our attendees. Frank has lived both sides as a tennis parent and as a tennis professional. Overall, I really enjoyed working with Frank…he helped make our division convention a success.

-Patrick Kearns- Executive Director, USPTA Mid Atlantic Division

I just finished reading The Tennis Parents Bible, which could just as easily be called The Tennis COACHES Bible….so much good insight on how to help players, parents and coaches navigate the waters of competitive tennis!!

-Chuck Gill- 1st Vice President USPTA

What an absolutely great job Frank Giampaolo has done on his newest publication, The Tennis Parent’s Bible! It is a must read for any parent interested in helping their child reach the next level of tennis. In particular, Frank is most candid in expressing how much must be done to rise up the tennis ladder. His advice is concise, well-organized and most insightful – I don’t think there is a topic he has missed. He has ‘been there’ and it shows . . . Well done, Frank!

– Dick Gould- Director of Tennis, Stanford University

Frank’s work is positive, constructive, enlightening, liberating, and best of all fun.

– Billy Martin- UCLA Men’s Tennis Coach

Championship Tennis is a terrific read and learning tool for any and every tennis player.

– Paul Annacone- Former Touring Professional Coach to Roger Federer

A world class book written by a world class coach. This is a book that every junior parent needs to read.

-Peter Smith- USC Men’s Tennis Coach

There are few people who have earned as much respect in the tennis world. Frank is a positive visionary.

-Dick Gould- Director of Tennis, Stanford University

Frank is a skilled lecturer & a top teacher. Now as an author, Frank has written one of the most important developmental books I’ve seen in my 60 years of teaching. This should be required reading for every parent, player or coach!

-Vic Braden- The Vic Braden Tennis College

Frank is quickly becoming one of the games most respected and influential teachers. As the coach of a top 5 WTA player, I recommend The Tennis Parent’s Bible to anyone serious about developing a champion.

– Sam Sumyk- Coach of Victoria Azarenka

The Tennis Parent’s Bible is a must read for any competitive tennis family. This book should be on each parent’s night stand and in every coach’s racket bag. Frank has truly captured what the parent of an aspiring athlete needs to know.

– Craig Tiley- Director of Tennis, Tennis Australia

Frank has brilliantly come up with a step by step method for match preparation. I like the way he’s focused on the process instead of the goal. This is a great book for coaches and players at all levels that are looking for an edge.

– Joey Scrivano-  Women’s Head Coach, Baylor University

I came across a new e- book written by Frank Giampaolo. It is called The Tennis Parent’s Bible. It is a great resource for parents in how to approach this tennis journey they are on. He also has other ebooks that deal with college scholarships, match preparations etc. Very good stuff. I highly recommend getting all of these books!

– Johan Kriek- Former World No. 7 & Grand Slam Champion (Australian Open ’81 , ’82)

Frank is one of the most knowledgeable tennis coaches in the country. He has written, in my professional opinion, the best and most comprehensive tennis book for parents that I’ve ever read in my 55 year tennis career.

– Desmond Oon- Former Davis Cup Coach (Republic of Singapore), & Author

I’m always proud to see great USPTA members take tennis teaching to the next level. Frank seems to excel at everything he does.

– Tim Heckler- Former CEO of the USPTA

Frank Giampaolo is the Dr. Spock for parents and coaches raising children to achieve high performance in life, whether it be sports, music, or anything. I wish I had read this book before my own daughter competed in tennis, not after! A must read for all involved parents and dedicated coaches.

– Joe Dinoffer- OnCourtOffCourt

What Coaches Are Saying…

Recently Frank Giampaolo has spent 5 days in our competitive program in Delray Beach as a guest speaker and coordinator of our special camp. Over 5 days of the camp, we have spent 30 hours with Frank on the court and in the classroom learning about a variety of essential tools for competitive tennis players and parents. His practical knowledge and on court application is consistent with the contents of his books and it has been excellent. All of the content was very well received and easily understood by our teenage players and parents. I highly recommend Frank’s consultation to any players, parents and coaches around the world.

-Robert Wojcik- Program Director, Delray Competitive Tennis

I have enjoyed (and learned from) your email newsletters. So many COMMON problems, so little time. By practicing your advice/strategy/tactics, our Varsity Girls Team ended their year last fall in 4th place in the A Conference – the toughest in the state. BUT… they were RUNNERS-UP in the end-of-season team tournament, beating 2 schools they were not supposed to beat. I loved their utter surprise at beating those teams! Now it’s the Boys’ Season… will put your work to practice… we have some talented kids coming up and they will benefit from all I have learned from you. Ordering your books on Amazon – thanks for all…

-Paul Lee, USPTA & JV Head Coach Severn School

I am a tennis player, a professional tennis coach and a student of the game. I have read Vic Braden, Jack Kramer and Tim Gallwey all of these are great books. “Raising Athletic Royalty” affords us a cutting edge, contemporary approach to success. This is a MUST READ! The “Tennis Parent’s Bible”, Frank’s first publication, a comprehensive survival guide to becoming a world class parent or coach. I thought it was the best tennis publication I have ever read. Frank’s second publication, “Championship Tennis” the all inclusive guide for maximizing player potential. Frank touches on skill development, emotional, physical and mental practice and planning. Now with “Raising Athletic Royalty” he is continuing to share his insights of life lessons and the recipe to maximize your child’s potential to become successful in any sport and in life. Thanks Frank…keep sharing!

-Larry Scalia- USPTA

What Parents Are Saying…

Franks workshop was GREAT. As a parent, I was not fully convinced that it would be of any interest to my kids- 2 days at a workshop- Hmmm, not that interesting, but they both came away with something. I came away satisfied knowing that it was worth while going and got great pointers for my social game of tennis, and some great books and DVD’s to refer to in the future.


Frank was a magnificent speaker, enthralling adults and children alike. All were completely focused and hanging on his every word for 3 whole hours on the first day. He made it so relevent, interesting and fun with his tips, explanations and anecdotes. The second day on court was so practical and relevant , giving a fantastic framework for every player to go home and use in practice and tournament play. It has already made practice sessions more useful. His simple summaries are not difficult for even young players to grasp.

 Just a quick note to say a BIG thanks for sharing your high performance knowledge with us. The concept of having players, parents and coaches participating was just great and added another dimension. One of the best Tennis NZ workshops I’ve taken in over the years.


Frank’s workshop was totally engaging. We thought we were pretty tennis savvy but we quickly realized that in fact we just aren’t ‘tennis educated’. He introduced so many new concepts to us that we were hearing for the first time.


Frank’s weekend workshop was so illuminating it probably changed our lives! The sessions gave us the tools we needed as parents to guide our daughter through the national levels. Frank really made a lasting impression on our little girl.


Frank has been instrumental in my son’s development. His overall tennis knowledge is second to none. There is no problem he can’t solve on the tennis court. He has been a great asset for us!


Molly’s success in tennis is due to the coaching she receives from Frank. In particular, Frank has taught her how to construct points and develop strategies to beat different styles of opponents. He also makes the long hours of training enjoyable. When Molly’s coming home from college, Frank is one of the first people she calls.

-Jim & Cindy Scott (parents of Molly Scott- #1 SCTA, WTA player, First Team All-Ivy League, Dartmouth College)

Great book! I love the quotes & stories and have been sharing many of these with my son. The information about personality profiling is also very eye opening!

Through a referral, we were lucky and blessed to find Frank. Frank gave lessons to both my teenage boys and assessed their skills and learning styles. Because of the confidence that my boys developed with Frank, my older son is now on his High School Tennis team and my younger 13 year old son plays in High Level tournaments. I drop off my boys and let Frank do his magic ! I highly recommend all of Frank’s books including Raising Athletic Royalty. It is so easy to read – I gave it to my husband and he read the entire book almost in one evening. This book is extremely helpful in creating a new dialogue with your children. Take the stress out of their performance and let the games begin ! Great job Frank, I only wish you didn’t travel so much so that we can pin you down for more lessons. This is a “must read” for parents to help their children ENJOY the sport they are passionate about.

As a parent of a promising teen, I personally have worked with Frank for many years. This terrific book is a culmination of Frank’s time spent on the tour with his step daughter Sarah! This book helps me plan and keeps me in check with my parenting obligations. I highly recommend booking Frank for an assessment of your child’s potential. Frank honed his skills under the tennis legend, Vic Braden. This book should be a must read for any tennis organization that wants to be successful. Expect to see this book make a difference on an international level. I have personally seen Frank assess hundreds of problem parents and athletes. Frank has a special skill of healing the rift between parent and athlete. This book is full of solutions and poignant reminders for us “overbearing” pain in the butt parents.

What Players Are Saying…

Frank has great knowledge of both the mental & physical parts of the game that I take with me into every match.

– Greg Scott- CA, Boy’s 16s #3 sectional ranking & Top 25 National Ranking

I’ve had the opportunity to work with most of the best coaches in the United States. Nobody gets results like Frank.

-Sarah Fansler- 10 National Singles Titles, WTA Tour, US Open, Former #1 at USC