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As a veteran coach of international coaches, parents and high performance athletes- not to mention the parent of an elite athlete himself- Frank came to the realization that most gifted individuals never achieve the results they are truly capable of receiving. The most common reason, worldwide, being their parent’s lack of athletic development education. Many parents are simply unaware of the unique support that an elite athlete demands throughout their athletic career. This lack of sport-specific education inadvertently undermines tennis growth. Regardless of the academic, financial or social status of tennis parents, a deeper understanding of the developmental process is mandatory to inspire a player to thrive.

Frank began pioneering the Tennis Parent Education workshops, seminars and conferences in the United States in 1998 after seeing that the tennis educated parents acted as hidden motors propelling their junior tennis players forward, while the tennis uneducated parents often acted as anchors- unknowingly sabotaging any real chance of success. The goal of Frank’s parent education platform was to assist tennis parents in navigating through the junior tennis experience. Frank believed that his educational platform would positively impact the lives of parents, coaches and players whether the long term tennis goal was playing professionally, at the colligate level, or socially… or simply to instill quality character attributes with which the players could grow and prosper for life. From happy and positive experiences come strong, confident, resourceful and self-sufficient young adults.

Since establishing the Tennis Parent Education platform, Frank’s expertise has been called upon worldwide to communicate the essential and supportive role of the tennis parent. Positive and knowledgeable tennis parents are able to maximize their child’s tennis potential by encouraging team unity and empowering them to flourish in all areas of life.

Customized Tennis Parent Education Summits Available with Frank Giampaolo

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  • An Evening with Frank Giampaolo (2.5 hours)
  • The Tennis Parents Workshop (“Crash Course”- 6 hours/full day)
  • The Weekend Summit (In-depth: How to Raise Athletic Royalty- 12 hours/2 full days)
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