Raising Athletic Royalty

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Your go-to guide for motivating and nurturing the greatness found in your children & players.

Raising Athletic Royalty: Insights To Inspire for a Lifetime presents impactful words, quotes, phrases and illustrative stories designed to lift the spirits of junior athletes as they reinforce the positive life lessons athletics affords. Promising players have their best shot at greatness if they are trained by well-informed parents and coaches. Choosing the correct, optimistic words at the right time motivates, inspires, and contributes to the growth of the player.

Raising Athletic Royalty combines the latest sports science discoveries and neuroscience personality profiling along with personal lessons that motivate belief, confidence and passion. In modern sports science, customizing a developmental plan begins with understanding the athlete’s individual brain and body type. Raising Athletic Royalty goes beyond conventional means and gently nudges parents into the modern world of sports psychology. Understanding your child’s genetic proficiencies and deficiencies will help accelerate the learning curve.

Raising Athletic Royalty captures the spirit and language that every child needs to hear- the script for success and happiness on and off the playing fields. It is no accident that certain athletes become great, while the majority of athletes, some with even more natural talent, remain average at best. Whatever the sport, the days of raising a world class athlete by being a passive parent are long gone. Hobbyist parents raise hobbyist athletes. Experts agree that the ‘one size fits all’ training methodology is obsolete. Raising Athletic Royalty will truly enlighten and liberate parents and coaches with these exciting insights and principles.

There is no doubt that parental modeling plays the most significant role in the way an athlete is nurtured. Children instinctively imitate their parent’s behaviors, attitudes and moral conduct. This makes supportive and informed (athletic) parental nurturing essential in maximizing a child’s potential at the quickest rate, regardless of the chosen passion/endeavor.

The code of excellence we all wish to imprint on our children cannot be taught in only a few hours a week by a gifted coach. These life lessons need to be nurtured day in and day out by their parents.

Whichever the chosen sport, Raising Athletic Royalty provides essential insights, motivational quotes and perfect phrases to assist parents and coaches to inspire greatness in their children. It’s your go-to parental playbook for life.

It is rare to find a parental guide book that captures the spirit and language that every child needs to hear. Raising Athletic Royalty is the script for success and happiness on and off the playing fields.

Greatness requires putting your sport above your social calendar. This applies to both the parents and the athletes.

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