Maximizing Potential With Adults

Mental Emotional Seminar 2

Yes, even adult competitors can easily maximize their potential by switching their focus from fundamental stroke production and basic strategy to focusing on improving the hidden mental & emotional components.”

                                                                    Frank Giampaolo

Adult competitors will maximize their potential at the quickest rate if the begin to discover the art of winning through mental & emotional training. Most adults take clinics and/or random private lessons that exclusively focus on stroke mechanics. Yet they too blame most losses on mental or emotional issues.

Typical complaints & questions from our adult competitors:

  • “Our ladies league team can’t close out our 4-1 leads”
  • “Those retrievers always beat us!”
  • “How do we play versus the double back doubles system?”
  • ” I play great for a few games then… I don’t know what happens. I let them back in.”
  • “Why do some players love to crash the net and others avoid it like the plague?”

The number one reason players quit playing tennis is because the depth of the game is not understood. Though most adults are playing for social reasons, a complete understanding of game enhances the playing experience. Adults need to develop their physical, mental and emotional skill sets in order to truly benefit from the game. All players of all ages need to develop an organizational game plan that will help them to improve upon weaknesses and reinforce strengths.

Frank’s customized evaluation sessions empower players to maximize their potential at the quickest rate, regardless of age. His informative in-depth sessions expose more player attributes in one session than years of tennis lessons and on-court experience. Improvement on court will enhance self-confidence and self-esteem off-court.

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