Match Chart Collection

The Match Chart Collection by Frank Giampaolo


In The Mental Emotional Workbook: Match Chart Collection series of specific charts have been designed for easy implementation and maximum information gathering potential. The charts quantify match performance by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a player’s performance under stress- match conditions. Although all parents/coaches want their players to win, charting the match versus just viewing the match provides directions for continued improvement and offers insight to whether or not performance goals were met.

The charts “user friendly” format makes them attractive to the novice tennis parent as well as the advanced tennis coach. The goal is to encourage coaches, parents, family and/or friends to assist in the growth of the junior player. After charting a match, the charting notes should be shared with the player and the developmental team to organize future training sessions.

Additional Charting Advantages:

Past Match Chart Review: Players often play the same opponents over and over again at the higher levels. Reviewing past charts against the same opponent may reveal the opponents strengths and weaknesses.

Charting Opponents: You may also want to consider charting opponents and/or top seeds for a comparison study.

Self-Charting: Recognizing and applying the match statics (charting notes) during actual match play is a wonderful learned behavior that the top players have mastered. For example, it would prove meaningful if you knew the opponent’s forehand to backhand unforced error count heading into a tiebreaker.

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