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Frank’s Tennis Parent Education Platform Benefits Teaching Professionals:

1. Educated Tennis Parents Can Help Build & Maintain Programs

An educated tennis parent understands the laundry list of their essential job descriptions throughout the different developmental stages. Uneducated parents will most often shift allegiance blindly from academy to academy. An unsatisfied, uneducated parent can hurt your program for years to come.

2. Educated Tennis Parents Can Help Develop A Team Mentality

A tennis program that values the importance of the relationship between the player, parent(s) and coach(es) is promoting positive synergy and building a unified team. The parents will become more supportive of the coaches’ efforts and become more optimistic about the process.

3. Accountable Parents Facilitate Success

An informed, invested parent will manage the essential off-court/non-instructional components.

  • School
  • Nutrition
  • Equipment
  • Scheduling
  • Traveling
  • Off- court training
  • Charting and videoing matches

Parent accountability ultimately leads to enhancing the coach’s success with the player.

4. Involved Tennis Parents Stay Committed For the Long Haul

A unified parent will stay with “their” program through thick & thin because they understand that building a champion truly takes a team. A parent not involved in the process is quick to pull their child out of your program after a loss or two.

5. Tennis Educated Parents Understand the Financial Commitment

Educated families will be more willing to budget additional funds toward their child’s developmental blueprint- this financially benefits the entire industry. Parents aren’t as likely to continually spend their money for training without a systematic developmental plan. Teaching new techniques and individualizing training regimes will motivate stagnant players and frustrated parents (and even coaches) to recommit to a higher level of training. Educated families will be more willing to stay with their developmental plan month after month, year after year.

USPTA Approved Specialty Education Course:

Raising Athletic Royalty with Frank Giampaolo

  • Course Description: Information and instruction on developing high performance players, educating tennis parents to improve your business and grow the sport, and assisting your player in attracting a college tennis scholarship. The emphasis of the course being education to create a cohesive tennis team and organizational plan designed to increase participation in the sport, decrease player attrition, and improve individual player performance. The coaches’/professionals’ role in educating the tennis parent is a vital to these goals.
  • Course Outline:
    • Gold Evaluation Package
      • Navigating your entourage
      • Identifying brain & body types
      • Organizing game plans
      • Customized match day preparation
      • Opponent profiling
      • Developing secondary strokes
      • Between point/change-over rituals
      • Handling gamesmanship & hardships
      • Organizing a weekly planner
      • Developing & rehearsing “Top 7 Patterns”
      • Tactics vs. styles of play
    • Tennis Parent Education
      • Tennis parent requirements & qualifications
      • Identifying parental personalities
      • The top 20 tennis parent blunders
      • Tennis parent pre-match, match time & post match job descriptions
      • Parental sabotage
    • The Art of Winning
      • The difference between mental & emotional components
      • Deliberate customized practice/warm-ups
      • Case study: practice in the manner you are expected to perform
      • Designing “Top 7 Patterns”
      • Identifying the opponent’s “Top 7 Patterns”
      • Match play video analysis
    • How to Attract a College Tennis Scholarship
      • What are top college tennis coaches looking for?
      • How to make a tennis YouTube video
      • Writing an appealing cover letter
      • Writing an athletic/academic resume
      • The most important questions to ask on recruiting trips
USPTA Specialty Course List

Speaking Engagements Available with Frank Giampaolo:

-Private Sessions Customized to Your Needs-

  • An Evening with Frank Giampaolo (2.5 Hours)
  • The Tennis Parents Workshop (“Crash Course” -6 Hours/Full day)
  • The Weekend Summit (In-depth: How to Raise Athletic Royalty- 12 Hours/2 Full days)
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