International Player Evaluation


International Player Evaluation by Frank Giampaolo

The International Player Evaluation is a blue print to maximize player’s potential at the quickest rate by identifying a player’s strengths and weaknesses. Designed for both the junior and adult competitor, this evaluation will assist players through the mental and emotional complexities of the game of tennis.

This custom evaluation is meant to uncover your strengths, weaknesses and current knowledge of the game. Then, along with your team, use this information to set a plan in motion to destroy your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. After completing this evaluation booklet, essential hidden tools needed to compete at the higher levels will be uncovered and reinforced.

The first step begins by filling out charts and recording personal evaluations. The second step begins by asking the primary tennis parent or coach to fill out the charts in accordance to their opinion of the player’s confidence and ability for each topic. Often the parents and players have a totally different view when assessing the player’s strengths and weaknesses. The third step is to take any topic that either party graded low and discuss the appropriate path to improvement.

For maximum benefit, this evaluation should be shared and reviewed with your primary coach/team and updated regularly. The more detailed information you can provide the coach and/or team, the shorter the learning curve. Available information includes match charts, match videos, your player’s match logs and daily focus journals.

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