How to Attract A College Scholarship

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Sooner or later, every parent asks: Is my child good enough to obtain a college sports scholarship?

Let’s take a deeper look into the world of college sports. First, college athletics are not recreational activities to dabble in while attending college. College athletics is a business and the school expects their college team to win. Second, here is a major difference between participating in your preferred sport as a hobbyist versus training for college athletics (pursuing a college scholarship).

The question athletes should ask themselves is, “Do I want to be a hobbyist athlete or do I want to be an elite athlete?” The truth of the matter is…you’ll have to pick one, because you can’t be both.

How to Attract a College Athletic Scholarship’s intent is to enlighten athletes and their parent’s about the college athletic scholarship search process. The countless number of parents unaware and uneducated about the athletic scholarship process often negates any real chance of their children receiving an athletic scholarship. This is usually because they simply begin the process far too late. It is my hope to assist athletes and their parents in avoiding disappointment and false hopes caused by neglecting to respect the techniques of raising athletic royalty and the college scholarship procedures.

Many part time athletes and their parents think attending a weekly sports clinic or playing high school athletics merits a college athletic scholarship. The reality is that top college recruits are former junior national and international standouts.

While there are exceptions to every rule, I recommend developing athletic royalty as soon as your child expresses an interest in becoming athletic royalty. Although their sport may change, the athletic developmental process is basically the same. My book Raising Athletic Royalty is a great place to start.

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