Foster Emotional Strength- Part 3

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Following are Five More Solutions to Foster Emotional Strength:

  1. Apply Positive Visualization
    Winners use positive visualization by imagining themselves executing their best patterns and plays without hesitation. Less successful athletes are overcome with negative visualization, which of course overwhelms their thought processes with visions of failure.
  2. Train Under Game Day Stress
    Athletes need to train much more than just their physical techniques and athleticism in practice. They have to get comfortable… being uncomfortable.
  3. Rehearse Tolerance
    Overcome hardships and pain in practice. Simulating stress in practice provides you with the opportunity to conquer your emotional demons. By doing so, reoccurring game day negative thoughts are replaced by positive thoughts such as: “I’ve done this before, I’ve conquered this several times and I know I can overcome this again because I have done it often.”
  4. Learn to Compartmentalize Emotions
    Great athletes stay in their optimal performance frame of mind during discomfort by staying on script (pre-set protocol). This entails choosing to mentally focus on the job at hand by overriding the emotional contaminants, thus not letting emotions control the show.
  5. Stop Feeding Negative Emotions
    Flip constantly feeding the problems, worries, and fears with customized protocols which feeds optimism, courage, resiliency, and fortitude. Athletes should have pre-set triggers (words and actions) that help them focus on positive plays and patterns.


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