Championship Tennis

Championship Tennis by Frank Giampaolo

Championship Tennis is an invaluable essential guide to developing and improving your tennis game. Like every sport, tennis is constantly evolving. The level of play on the pro tours continually sets new standards which trickle down to the mere mortals littering the adult leagues and junior ranks. Because the competition has gotten bigger, faster, and stronger, a new training methodology has been created. What Andre Agassi did well, Rafael Nadal does better. And as the game continues to evolve, one of you will surely be the next innovator. Shake hands with the racket to learn a forehand? That has gone the way of the Walkman. Tennis has long since entered its digital age.

The purpose of this book is to assist players and coaches in developing every aspect of the modern game at an accelerated rate. It starts by evaluating a player’s current skills and organizing a personalized blueprint for development. After that comes laying down a solid foundation of fundamentals to build upon. Then each pillar of the game is enhanced using revolutionary stroke principles, teaching concepts, and state-of-the-art drills. Insights into mental and emotional training are covered in great detail. Components such as strategy, tactics, conditioning (physical and mental), and proper practice regimens are all presented to help the player advance through the different levels of competition.

For players wishing to accelerate the learning curve at the quickest rate, customization is the key. Too many players and coaches use a one-size-fits-all approach. No two players are exactly alike and neither should their training methods. Accelerated learning demands strong consideration of a player’s brain and body types (genetic predisposition), as well as previous athletic and tennis achievement. In this book, readers will quickly understand how to tailor a developmental program to their individual needs rather than adapt to a fixed, singular model of teaching. Even though two players can be of similar ability, their development and training may be polar opposite.

Anyone with the desire to pick up the sport for the first time will find this book an excellent reference providing both information and inspiration. And for those who have played tennis, but want guidance toward significant improvement, this book will offer a wealth of invaluable new insights. Regardless of ability or experience, all players looking to enhance their games using the latest teaching concepts can use Championship Tennis as their ultimate tennis resource.

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