Blunders and Cures

Blunders & Cures by Frank Giampaolo

The goal of The Mental Emotional Tennis Workbook: Blunders & Cures is to provide deeper insights into common mental and emotional issues associated with such a challenging and competitive individual sport.

This easy reading workbook contains over 40 of the most common blunders (problems) found in competitive tennis. Left untreated, these blunders are often the downfall of even the best athletes. Learning the proper cures from other’s blunders will help maximize your player’s potential at the quickest rate.

Blunders and Cures is organized into blunder topics and then subdivided into individual blunders & their cures. The blunder is the common problem, and the cure is the suggested action to be taken to solve the problem. An additional learning tool included with each topic is a section called “Ask Yourself”– questions to be answered to help player’s customize a personal plan. The reader is encouraged to navigate throughout the workbook to identify the blunders that best apply to their situation.

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