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Frank Giampaolo is an award winning coach, popular international speaker, and sports researcher. He is an instructional writer for ITF (International Tennis Federation) Coaching & Sports Science Review, UK Tennis magazine, the USPTA, Tennis Magazine and Tennis View Magazine.  Frank is both a USPTA and PTR educator, a Tennis Congress Factuality Member, and has been a featured speaker at the Australian Grand Slam Coaches Convention, the PTR GB Wimbledon Conference, and Wingate Sports Institute (Israel.)

Frank is the bestselling author of Championship Tennis (Human Kinetics Publishing), Raising Athletic Royalty, The Tennis Parent’s Bible (volume I & II) and The Mental Emotional Workbook Series (How to Attract a College Scholarship, International Player Evaluation, Match Chart Collection, Match Day Preparation and Blunders and Cures). His television appearances include The NBC Today Show, OCN-World Team Tennis, Fox Sports, Tennis Canada and Tennis Australia.

Frank founded The Tennis Parents Workshops in 1998, conducting workshops across the United States, Mexico, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada and Spain. Frank’s commitment to coaching excellence helped develop approximately 100 National Champions, hundreds of NCAA athletes, numerous NCAA All-Americans and several professional athletes. His innovative approach has made him a worldwide leader in athletic-parental education. Frank is currently the Vice Chair of the USTA/SCTA Coaches Commission.

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Frank’s coaching/educational philosophy is “Practice in the manner in which you are expected to perform.” Competitive tennis is a game of keep away…not catch.  Franks advice revolves around maximizing athletic potential at the quickest rate. Frank’s insights can be read by googling him and/or reading any of his Bestselling books.

Tennis Parent Education Platform

Frank has become the go-to specialist nationally and internationally in tennis parent education. Educating the tennis parent about their essential and supportive role in their child’s tennis development has resulted in maximizing tennis potential, increased team unity and increased player retention for the sport. Frank’s dedication to educate and empower tennis parents with an organizational blueprint continues to gain acceptance and accolades both here & abroad.


Giampaolo’s original book, The Tennis Parent’s Bible (www.maximizingtennispotential.com), is being used by ITF leaders, academy directors, parents, and coaches worldwide. His second book, Championship Tennis has captured the ranking of second bestselling tennis book of Human Kinetics Publishing in less than one year from its 2014 release date. Frank has also published multiple tennis specific workbooks to enhance the player’s learning experience.

Frank’s instructional articles have appeared in Tennis View magazine, USPTA Coaching Publications, The Active Network, Parenting Aces, Tennis One, Tennis Australia, Tennis New Zealand, Florida Tennis Magazine and Tennis Industry.

The Tennis Parent’s Bible 2nd Edition
The Tennis Parent’s Bible is a comprehensive reference guide that is meant to unite the partnership between the player, parent, and coaches. The reader will find it an inspirational book containing many different styles of instructional writing, including narration, tales of profound wisdom and motivational stories full of deep insight.

Championship Tennis
The purpose of Championship Tennis is to assist players and coaches in developing every aspect of the modern game at an accelerated rate. It starts by evaluating a player’s current skills and organizing a personalized blueprint for development.

Raising Athletic Royalty
Raising Athletic Royalty: Insights To Inspire for a Lifetime presents impactful words, quotes, phrases and illustrative stories designed to lift the spirits of junior athletes as they reinforce the positive life lessons athletics affords.

Emotional Aptitude in Tennis
Emotional Aptitude in Sports shares valuable insights and solutions as to why many athletes don’t win their share of events. This book is neither an academic journal nor a laundry list of common emotional deficiencies, but a practical “in the trenches” guide to solving common competitive problems.

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Frank founded The Tennis Parents Workshops in 1998. He has since conducted workshops across the United States, Mexico, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Frank established The Mental–Emotional Tennis Workshops in 2002; since then, participants in the program have gone on to win more than 100 U.S. national titles, as well as win ATP & WTA Tour singles and doubles titles. Frank Giampaolo’s seminars and workshops are available worldwide.


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Coaching/Individual Player Evaluation

Frank’s individualized & customized evaluation sessions provide a complete organizational plan for players, parents, and coaches. The 30-page evaluation package exposes everything you didn’t even know… you needed to know…

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Speaking Engagements

Frank is a popular national and international speaker. He has appeared on NBC’s TODAY Show, Fox Sports, OCN World Team Tennis, Tennis Canada, Tennis Australia, and dozens of online Sports Talk radio interviews.

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