2017 Customized Evaluation Package

Customized Organizational Plan by Frank Giampaolo

Full Potential Realized


Frank realized after years of coaching and working with clients of all ages, that most players spend one hundred percent of their time, money and energy on developing their fundamental strokes… yet in competitive match play, losses are blamed on mental and emotional issues. This lack of an organized plan and proper mental & emotional development caused many players great frustration and anguish. So, Frank transcribed the essential elements used to achieve maximum growth and development- The Customized Player Evaluation.


This customized evaluation is an in-depth personal assessment of player’s skills, attributes and current knowledge of the game. The aim of this evaluation is to provide the deeper insights needed to progress in such a challenging individual sport. Designed for both the junior and adult competitor, this evaluation assists players through the mental and emotional complexities of the competitive game. Potential is maximized by identifying player’s strengths and weaknesses and then working to develop the skill sets required to improve.


The Customized Player Evaluation is meant to be used with the player’s team- the player, the parent(s) and the coach(es). Together, the information revealed provides a blueprint to set a plan in motion to destroy deficiencies and improve efficiencies. The goal is to maximize performance at the quickest rate through the synergy of the team- cohesively and happily.


Customized Evaluation Packages Available with Frank Giampaolo:

  • Description: The Customized Evaluation is an in-depth on and off court analysis of your strengths, weaknesses and game knowledge. This package provides specific suggestions for improvement based on the on-court and off–court evaluations for all members of the team- player, parent(s) and coach(es).
  • Topics Included: 
    • Introductory Player Evaluation Forms
    • Cultivating Life Lessons
    • Organizing Your Developmental Plan and Your Team
    • Off-Court Training
    • Match Day Preparation
    • On-Court Physical (Primary and Secondary Strokes)
    • On-Court Emotional (Issues & Solutions)
    • On-Court Mental (Tactic & Strategies)
    • Ranking Goals
    • Advanced Tournament Match Logs
    • Intermediate Tournament Match Logs
    • Benefits of Physical Training
    • Tennis Specific Off-Court One Hour Routine
    • Weekly Planner
    • Top Seven Patterns
    • Common Pit Falls of Tournament Play
    • Tennis Bag Cheat Sheet
    • Match Day Routines and Rituals
    • Daily Success Focus Journal
    • Self-Destruction Solutions

  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Cost: $800.00

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